The year 2008 was very important year for us. First of all it was because we have decided to buy another puppy, this time from Hungary, where Basset Hound breeding seems to have very promissing development. We have choosen the kennel „Rezihegyi Víg Dömper“ of Miss Eva Pintáczi. From 3 litters in this kennel at the same time we have had an opportunity to have first choice for a puppy female. We have choosen this because of big influence of blood from the english kennel "Bassbarr", which -after years of own experience- I evaluate as the best choice for my taste, because Bassbarr Bassets I have met are allways active, with excellent movement, by keeping the excellent breed type.
In April we have brought our little puppy bitch Fiesta. Her offcial name is long: „Rezihegyi Víg Dömper Fibi Fiesta“, her sire is Ch. Bassbarr Harvey Wallbanger, R.O.M. (Register of Merit is a title from USA for a stud dog, who has at least 5 US Champions between its offspings) and the dam is Freya Turguesa Playa, which has from her dams side also Bassbarr blood. We call her „Fishta“ or just shortly „Fie“. She get used in short time here to live in the pack and is Ok with anything and anybody, just happy Fiesta.

Rezihegyi Víg Dömper Fibi Fiesta with her breeder Eva and new owner Iva

On the shores of lake Balaton: Happy Iva and her new puppy Rezihegyi Víg Dömper Fibi Fiesta

In the summer I was lucky (accompanying my friend Věra Otevřelová on her journey to breed her bitch abroad) to visit interim home of the kennel Bassbarr in Slowenia. I thank our hosts Tjaša and her husband Matjas for several nice days spent in their lovely home of the kennel "Brynmor" in Slowenia.
Meeting Bill O´Loughlin (owner of the kennel Bassbarr) belongs to moments, that one never forget.

Our daughters pionting dog Jazz od Smutné říčky, called „Packa“, started very well her show carrier.
In Graz (Austria) in March she won third title "Jugendbester" (Best Junior) plus first place in the junior group nr.7 (pionting dogs)- Junior BOG- judges S. Kirschbichler a S. Jarmer, A.
Further more at the international show in České Budějovice she won Best of Breed and 3rd place in the group (judge P.Navrátil, CZ and J.Matyáš, SK).
On 11th May she exceled on the club show: she won the junior class (fullfilling her Junior Champonship CZ), Club Youth Winner and later she got title Best of Breed (judge L.Jančík, CZ).

BOB on club show from cuncurrence of 10 Braque d´Auvergne

Later this year Jazz won Youth World Winner and Best of Breed at the World Show in Stockholm, under the judge H.Assenmacher-Feyel, D, in concurrence of 4 another Braque d´Auvergne. One weekend before this Eva showed her at the international show in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was for the first time this breed was showed in Denmark- and she was awarded by the titles BOB and Best in Group !!(judge Ann Carlström, SE)
World Young Winner 2008 plus Best of Breed in the concurrence of 4 Braque d´Auvergne. Judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, D.

Denmakr, Copenhagen - BEST IN GROUP, judge Ann Carlström, SE

This year was very important also for Iva, when she was elected into board member of Houdn Club CZ and became secretary-manager of the club.

Judging beagles at the international show in Mladá Boleslav

Iva had judge beagle for her first time at the international show in Ml.Boleslav. It was not easy, because there was more than eighty entries - exhibitors wanted to try a new judge.
During the year Iva got another certification to judge another hound breed - rhodesian ridgeback. She have met many new dog-friends and found out, that it is a very intereresting and impresive breed. No wonder, that rhod.ridgeback has so big popularity in this country. It is also because of the nice atmosphere in the club and around the show ring, where applaus is often to hear shortly before and after final decissionof the judge. This is what we miss around the show ring with Bassets ...

We have buyed a motorbike this year and started to make trips to nearest places, but also for longer distances. Most currious is arrival of the judge Mrs.Iva Černohubová to judge the show in Mladá Boleslav.
The world is much more interesting, when you ride a bike. Pitty, we can not take our Bassets with us!

Nevertheless we are followed by a Basset, when we ride - it is because the helmet of Iva is decorated by a lovely picture of a Basset head, an art of Marta Mastná.

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