DUO CACIB show was held this year for the first time in Brno. Our little Fiesta (Rezihegyi Víg Dömper Fibi Fiesta) won her first czech CAJC, then Junior BOB and "big" BOB in concurrence of 26 entires! This high entry on an international show in our country was not common last years, so we apprecaite very much this big success, taken from the judge Mrs. Lenka Frnčová.

Rezihegyi Víg Dömper Fibi Fiesta - CAJC, JUNIOR BOB, BOB - judge Mrs.L.Frnčová

The year 2009 was lucky with breeding: litter Y (Velvet x Zofia) - eight tricoloured puppies (1 male and 7 females!!) and litter Z (Bassbarr Missoni x Victoria) - 5 tricoloured females!

Vrh Z - Zafira, Zoshia, Zarah, Zea, Zucchini

Vrh Y - Yasha, Yahoo, Yard, Yamaha, Yucca, Ynes, Yollie, Yoselin

Female Yahoo travelled very far away - to Costa Rica! Female Ynes stayed at home, while her sister Yollie went to the kennel "Dramijos" (Mr. M.Sršeň), the one and only male Yard lives in the family of V.Melša, who owned year ago another boy from us, Hector Bohemia Horrido, another female Yasha and her owner Doris Röhrbock in Austria work on tracks!

Yahoo in Costa Rica with her owner Erick Reyes.

Fiesta fullfilled all conditions to become a Czech Junior Champion by winning on twoo shows in one weekend: Club Youth Winner (judge Mr. P.Řehánek) on a club show of Hound Club - and excellent 1st, CAC on a club show of Basset Club CZ (judge W.O´Loughlin, GB).

Fiesta won her first CAC in intermediate class, where 4 females were entered. We are glad, that such expert on the breed, as Bill O¨Loughlin likes Fiesta.

Dita (Judita Bohemia Horrido) went over rainbow bridge on 17th July- on Friday afternoon she died in sleep , she was 12 years old.

Judita Bohemia Horrido: 4.6. 1997 - 17.7.2009

Velvet became for third time Austrian Club Winner, and that means we can keep Otto-Challenge-Cup at home forever!

Velvet Bohemia Horrido - CACA, Club Winner, judge: T.Mroczek, PL

Jazz fullfilled Czech Championship, and also in summer the Dannish Championship. She was placed in the competition of Group several times, and also in concurrence of "kings" of this group, which are Setters, Weimaraners and other much common pointing dogs. She won many titles CACIB and BOB. She passed pointing talent test in III.prize.

Jazz od Smutné říčky - in Komarom, Hungary - CAC, CACIB, BOB, resBEST IN GROUP

On the world dog show in Bratislava, Slowakia, we have had a happy day with Bassets.
"Happy Bench" - :)) It is not common, that on one bench the exhibitors are all so sucessfull. It is much more joyfull, that this time it was on the world show.
from the left: José Homem de Mello ( Quickie Dos Sete Moinhos - World Winner 2009), Frederico a Francois Isasca (Dunlop Du Haras De La Vergne - World Young Winner 2009; Coolpepper Original Big Bone - World Winner 2009 and BOB; Up In the Air Dos Sete Moinhos - CAC) , our Eva (Ynes Bohemia Horrido - very promissing 1st, Best Puppy of the Breed), Miss Miluška Šrámková (Cyril Bohemia Gorgony - excellent 2nd, rCAC).

Ynes between seven best puppies in the world.

10.10.2009 - Special hound show a Club Brittany Show, Čejkovice, CZ
judge: Marija Kavčič, SLO
Jazz od Smutné říčky - ex1 CAC, BOB
judge: Blaž Kavčič, SLO
Yard Bohemia Horrido (owner family Melša) - baby class - very promissing 1st
Velvet Bohemia Horrido - Champion class - excellent 1st, CAC, res.Best Male
Viking Bohemia Horrido (owned by V.Otevřelová) - Champion class - excellent 3rd
Zara Bohemia Horrido (owner Ing. Malenický) - baby class - very promissing 1st
Ynes Bohemia Horrido - puppy class - very promissing 1st, BIS Puppy
Rezihegyi Víg Dömper Fibi Fiesta - intermediate class - excellent 4th
Victoria Bohemia Horrido - working class - excellent 1st, CAC

Final competitons:
Breeders Group: Bohemia Horrido - 3rd place
Ynes Bohemia Horrido - BIS Puppy
Junior Handling: Bára Melšová and Yard Bohemia Horrido - 1st place

Velvet won his class in concurrence of much younger dannish champion Bobass Jolly Jumper and over his own brother Viking Bohemia Horrido. In the competition of Best Male he was placed 2nd, just behind english male Woferlow Storm Patrol (owned by W. O'Loughlin, kennel Bassbarr), who was later awarded by titles BOB and the highest title - BIS of Special Hound Show in Čejkovice 2009.

Yneska received again "very promissing 1st", and went over another Bohemia Horrido puppies and babies to win the title BIS Puppy. We thank to Karel Čáp, kennel Bohemia Gorgony, for the picture.

Victoria Bohemia Horrido - excellent 1st, CAC

Yard Bohemia Horrido, called "Jaroušek" won "very promissing 1st" and placed first in final competitions of Junior Handling.

Zara Bohemia Horrido "Sárinka" - very promissing 1st in baby class - she moves all the time :)

Bohemia Horrido group: from left - Velvet, Victoria, Viking, Ynes and Yard

The special show in Čejkovice was in a beautifull garden of the castle. The weather was cold, but the show was very pleasant and we want to thank to the judges.
After the show we visited famous wine celeries and taste some excellent Templary wines. We can recomand this to everybody!!!

At in České Budějovice Velvet got next CACIB (judge P.Aigner-Poduschka, A), it was his first czech CACIB, so he fullfilled the conditions for the title Club Champion of Basset klub CZ.

6-years old Viki on DUO CACIB show in Wels, Austria, fullfilled the conditions for the title Austrian Champion.

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