Two numbers one of this year was like symbolizing that many events will be new for us. In the beginning of the year the very first litter of Braque d'Avergne in our kennel was born. Only girl that was born was given name "All That Jazz", like her mother "Jazz"!
All That Jazz Bohemia Horrido - 7 weeks

In March we went to England with Ynes to take a part at the famous show Crufts.

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Ynes Bohemia Horrido at Crufts

In April 2011 Ynes passed hunting tests with Fanda. Later, together with Eva, got sever CACIBs in Germany and Slovakia.
Ynes with Fanda at hunting tests.

Ynes at international show in Bremen, Germany - VDH - Anwartschaft, CAC, CACIB / judge: W.Pepper, D

The biggest highlight of our kennel came in France at WDS and Championat de France in Paris, where both our girls - Ynes and Jazz did great. Jazz's result was even better as she was shown in country of origin only few weeks after her motherhood.

Ynes reached great result at Championat de France by winning her class and later also recieveing rCAC (2nd best female out of open, working and intermediate class) among big concurence. Judge was Josého Homem de Mello, who is one of the most successful basset bound breeders in the world.

Jazz got resCACIB in the country of origin, title World Winner was given to Alexie du Bodeillo. There were 17 Braques entered, Best of Breed title was given to male from open class E'Jazz du Ruisseau de Montbrun.

In Paris we had an opportunity to look at Braques d'Auvergne in country of origin. It is a very rare breed and french do not show abroad to much, so we took this show as a chance to find a sire for Jazz's nect litter. On both days we were impressed by a male owned by family Fantgauthier - CH. TR. E'Jazz du Ruisseau de Montbrun, who also became best of breed at world dog show.

In August we went for wedding to England. Sire of Ynes first litter was Ch.Woferlow Border Patrol, onwned and bred by D.Newmann. Puppies, our litter B, were born 10th October. We are looking forward to keep some new hopes for our kennel.

Basset Hound
FROM THE LEFT: Budweiser, Beltine, Beefeater, Blackjack, Brandy, Blanche, Billie Jean

3rd November our Velvet went over the rainbow bridge and on Christmas Eve he was followed by his brother Viking.
Basset Hound
Basset Hound
Vera, thank you very much for taking good care abot Viking!

Their sister Victoria is doing very well and coming back to show rings as a veteran. Her veteran debut was on soecial show in Brno 10.9.2011.
Bassethound Victoria
Bassethound Victoria
Special show Brno, 10.9.2011: Victoria Bohemia Horrido, Best Veteran Basset Hound, Best in Show Veteran
Judgeí B.Larska, Poland

20.11.2011 - Judging in Moscow
It was great honour and joy to judge Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds on a club show in Moscow. I was accompanied by my husband on this journey. Russian club was great host. Thanks to their care our first visit to Moscow and Russia ever was combined with visit of Tretjakovskaya Gallery, Kremlin and even ballet performance – premiere in new reconstructed Bolshoy Theatre. We very delighted. I have to praise russian breeding of Basset Hound and Bloodhound. My winning dogs are of comparable quality to ones, that I have seen to win in show rings in Europe elsewhere. The club has excellent breeders and great enthusiasist in the breed. One can not omit the quality of handling in the ring, it was very often a case of very young people, who handled like proffesionals. I am sure, that the breed has good future in Russia and wish to russina breeders to keep it. I want to thank for the care, that was given to me and my husband during our stay in Moscow, and big thank for everybody, who showed me their beautifull dogs.
Basset Hound
BOB and Club Winner Buffobass Caramel Vanilla Ice Cream
Basset Hound
Best female Amazing Star in Stripes of Mushurush

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