we have been interviewed in the czech club publication (Almanach) in 2000!!

Has the prefix of your kennel any special sense?
Yes, it is simple: I have been seeking for a long time to find a prefix that joins the character of the breed, sounds well and has its origin in our country, or at least in Europe. The word "Bohemia" means old name of our country. I was inspired with the prefix "Tal-E-Ho´s" - a famous Bassethound kennel in USA, what was similar to traditional hunting call when a run for rabbits is done with Bassets. In fact it is "Tally-Ho", what is a name of a club bulletin of american Bassethound Club. As far as we live in Czech Republic, I wanted to find something similar, but of czech origin. Very nice hunting call "Lovu Zdar" was a registered kennel prefix of Mr.Horak, a nestor of cynology in our country. "Halali", another hunting call seems to me to be too soft for a Bassethound. Then finally I have read about a traditional hunting call, that is used in Tyrolia - "Horrido". And a new kennel prefix was born.

When did you met Basset Hound for the first time ever - and how was your beginning?
Not counting Bassets seen in TV and foreign magazines in times, when it was a rare breed, I have met Bassets for my first time on an international dog show in Brno 1977. I have obtained my first Basset in 1986 after a long waiting. At that time the breding was very limited. My first Basset called Bara (Arabella Oliver) was very beautifull big bitch with typical head, but her front was a reall disaster. I had to agree, that on such a bitch a good breeding can not be found - and followed to try my luck again. A dog, that I imported from Austria in 1988, was huge and imposant, but we didnt managed his rapid growing up in his first half year and the result was bad foot on both sides. In the year 1990 the world dog show has taken its place in Brno. In this¨show we had first opportunity to meet Bassets from all around Europe. This convinced us. A short intermezzo followed, when we have droven the whole day to Lodz in Poland, where instead of a Basset puppy sired by a german stud dog we have met only closed door. Fortunatelly later on we have never find closed door in the Europe, so it was possible for us to found our breeding on quality stock from Germany and Denmark.

Have you bred or owned another breed before - and what you think is the main reason you have Bassets?
I come from a city and we have never had a dog. It was a holiday for me when my daddy took me to a dog show, so that I could look at dogs of different breeds and sizes, but it was not possible to have my own dog. I allways took my camera, and with time Basset - and Bloodhound-people accepted me also without dog. I made familiar to dog shows, field trials and other occassions. I still have my own -lets say- Basset chronicle - it is about breeding in 70ties and 80ties in our country. My connection to the breed was not interrupted even during my studies far away from home in Lednice na Morave. Even at this place was a Basset - he lived in a castle! I liked also Bloodhounds, and I admire them till today. But due to much friendly character and much more vitality Bassets are my favourite breed. Its menthality satified me and I would never change it for another breed. I would never do to Bassets, that I would obtain any smaller breed to live with me indoors. That would not be fair. If I will not be able to breed Bassets, I will obtain a cat. I am fascinated with cats self-confidence. They are similar to Bassets in fact.

What do you like on a Basset Hound and why?
Its character, life philosophy, melancholical eyes, that can tell you everything, huge wet and warm nose, velvet and soft curling ears, in which you can dip your fingers, leon foot. Basset doesnt bark for any reason, and if even, then it is worthy to hear! I also appreciate Bassets sense for comfort, we are the same in it. Simply: Bassethound is ideal dog companion.

What don´t you like on Basset Hounds and why?
It might be their appetite for food - sometimes it is too much. For its foodsickness a Basset forgets its dignity. But on the other side I have to tell, that I use this well-tried method often, when I want to get a Basset to a place where I want to have him.

Basset can have any possible color of a hunting dog. Do you have your favourite color? What about bicolors?
My favourite color is "black and white" tricolor with white blaze and front, just like painted. And the most important is spotting!! That is wonderfull. I was really lucky that such a dog was born in my first litter. My first bicolor was born in 1999. I started to like him first in his 4 weeks. It is very dificult with bicolors. They are very staring. If it is balanced, it is beautilful dog that catch ones eyes. On the other hand if it has such faulths like bad ribcage, not level top line or too long legs - it is a big handicap for a bicolor...

Is there any ideal Basset in the world, that you would like to have at home? What's his name, what do you like the most on him?
An ideal Basset exists only in our imaginations. Nature is just nature. Nobody is perfect. Breeding is all about that. If there would be a perfect Basset we could copy him and everybody can buy a perfect puppy. I dream about a combination of an elegant and muscular body with beautiful shaped neck and head with aristocratic expression. Black and white tricolor with spotting at best. Long well sprung ribs, straight topline ending with happilly moving tail. Legs strong and heavy, great long drive, perfect coordinaion. To all of this - unconditionally good character. I hope there comes time I will have a dog like this!

How many Bassets do you have? Is there something that you like the most on them? Do you have your favourite dog among them?
We have seven Bassets at home: 2 males and 5 bitches, the oldes one is going to be 9 in June and the youngest will be 3. Their qualities are well known. I love their temperament the most. They are not flegmatic nor hyper-activ either. Ask the owners about the character of our puppies! Our dogs are so friendly that they would be moving their tail even when anybody would be coming with very bad intentions. My favourite is Atilla. He is big in his body and mind too. He doesn't fight with the other dogs. He is very charismatic. I've even forgive him that he doesn't like dog shows. He is ofcourse black and white with spots. I am glad he was born in my kennel in the first litter.

When did you had your first litter?
Do you have any breeding programe? How do you choose a male for your bitch?

I had my first litter exactly after 15 years since the time when I met a Basset Hound for the first time. I don't have what is called "a breeding programme". I dont have a big kennel with lot of dogs and I dont want to be a breeder who sells the older dogs to make a place for the young ones! I did it ones in my beginning - till now I have bad feeling about that. In the breeding I beware of using dogs that don't have a good character. Character is the most important what dog needs for its life. Nine from ten puppies in the litter are going to live in a family - here is their character really important. Our puppies are in contact with us since the very beginning, that is the reason why they never a had a problem with behaving. I am proud of that and I want to keep it for the future. When I am choosing the male for my bitch I am thinking about her faults. The male has to be absolutelly correct in it! I want to know as much as is possible about gets and parrents of the male. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is impossible. If you work with unknown material hidden faulghts can appear. When you breed you are in a circle - as soon you finaly know all about the bloodline you have, your line needs refresh.

What you wish to the Bassetclub and to the breed to beginning of the new millenium?
I wish to breed to keep its variety. Bassethound is a breed of extremes, but in standart you can read in each sentence - "but not so excessively". Breed needs healthy dogs, not extremes - then it is a caricature and not a healthy dog! To our Club I wish to stay here fot Bassets and people that like them. After 10 years of breeding Bassets in the Czech Republic are very close to the top of Europe. I wish to keep it for the future.

Iva interwieved in Almanach, Basset klub CZ, 2000