We live in a beautifull country, Czech republic, in the middle of Europe. On few pictures above you can see some nice pictures of our towns, especailly the golden Prague. We live in country - in the valley of the river Sázava. It is a gate to the czech-moravian highland. As far as Iva is an active photo-amateur, we share with you some nice pictures of our country.
The dominant point of our landscape is a hill called Melechov (715 meter above sea level) - majestic, yet flat, but widely broad, which one can not mistake for any other. You can watch its wide massive ridge from very far away. It is surrounded by another hills of so-called Natural Park Melechov, a landscape and nature protected area. Its nothern hillside fall down to the river Sázava, where the oldest czech nature protected areal - the reservation Stvořidla (canoiing and rafting water way) is situated. The Melechov hill group is surrounded by water dam Švihov, called Želivka. from its western side. On the eastern side goes this forests-full hill to wide pitoresque valley, which is from the other side surrounded by the hill with medieval castle Lipnice nad Sázavou. It is a piece of land downhill till you reach the river Sázava - across deep forests full of mushrooms and blackberries, decorated with old quarries, you reach our village named Závidkovice. From here it is only short distance to the town Světlá nad Sázavou. You can go along row of five lakes, which are feed by water from forest spring below Lipnice, and you reach the town. It beggins with beautifull castle park, which was reconstructed in 1998-2002 under management of Iva, who was employee of the town hall in environmental department.
Welcome in Světlá nad Sázavou, town of stone and glas art".

The castle park in Světlá nad Sázavou
More than twenty years ago, when Iva came to Světlá, the castle park looked like a cheerless jungle. Being fresh graduated landscape architect Iva started to dream about reconstruction of this park. She fall in love with its architecture, stoney valley, stairs, romantic bridges, islands on lakes, arbours. Her dream about recnostruction she managed to come true at the break of millenium. She gave much power into effort to convince the town councill, that the caste park has its value. Under support from her bosses and colleagues after four years of reconstruction, which consisted in renewing of growth, set-up of water management, lake cleaning, reconstruction of paths and bridges, the castle park was born into new life of beauty.

Forests, quarries
Following the blue tourist line you can walk through the castle park and our village up to medieval castle Lipnice nad Sázavou. The way goes through beautifull landscape, along castle alkes, on field road and through long alley to forest house. from here you can walk up through deep forests to Lipnice on the top of last hill. It is a nice walk in cold winter or in hot summer. In the summer you can pick up mushrooms and fill up the basket. Old quarries are full of cold clear water, where you can swimm – we use the quarry as a open-air atelier for our dogs pictures.

Medieval churches around Lipnice
There are several fenomenal old buildings in our region - old medieval little churches – church of St.Margaret, church of St.George and church of St.Martin, all in the villages below the castle Lipnice. They look very modest and authentic medieval, what is fascinating and makes a typical colorit of this beautifull country. Inside the castles there are wall paintings originate from 14th century. The old little castles are renovated under big effort of civil association called "Přátelé podlipnických kostelů" from Prague.
Home page of this association: www.kostelniduch.net23.net

Lipnice - the medieval castle
The castle in Lipnice belongs to one of the biggest aristocratic (non-royal) castles. Its importance for Bassets consists in fact, that the first bassetiade has taken place here in the year 1998. Home page of the castle Lipnice nad Sázavou: www.hrad-lipnice.eu

Lipnice of Jaroslav Hašek
It is worthy mention, that the famous writer Jaroslav Hašek spent in Lipnice last years of his life. he wrote here his most world-famous novel „The Fortunes Of Good Soldier Svejk“. You can visit the house, where he lived - it is now a memorial. Nevertheless the place he spent much of his time was a pub - inn "At The Czech Crown". Now allready several years this is a family runned boarding house, owned and managed by Hašek´s grandson Richard. The famlous writer has his grave here in a small cementery. Home page of boarding house and restaurant "At The Czech Crown": www.hasektour.cz

Deep forests around Lipnice hidden several interesting places, that are worthy to see. It is stone art in nature – hewed into granite walls of old quarries. There are symbols of ears, lips and eyes, which have to do with the story of soldier Švejk and our national spirit generally. Author is the sculptor Mr. R.Dvořák. Another stone-wood art appears in the square - this artefact was made with help of our friend, Jaroslav Fieger, the sculptor from Světlá nad Sázavou. home page of this stone art: http://ucho.hyperlinx.cz