In the middle of January we have lovely visit form Denmark: Anne-Therese and René came to pick up their new puppy from us- Wadanya Bohemia Horrido. We have spent nice weekend together, and took a walk to our forests and lakes.

Three generations: Left Wadanya, right her dam Victoria, behind is granny Judita Bohemia Horrido

Wadanya Bohemia Horrido

A new book about Bassets was published in Italy. Mr.Fulvio Marelli completed several reports from all around Europe about hunting and working with Bassets. Iva has written for him a report about trial exams in our country, while Anne-Therese wrote about obedience with Bassets. This book is (yet) in italian language.

In May we have succes on international shows in Salzburg, Austria, and in Litomeřice, Czech Rep.: CACIBs we got for Velvet anda Victoria moved them closer to the highest title - Interchampion (C.I.B.). Velvet was handled by Fanda, while Victoria by Evička – both Viki and Eva got their first CACIB ever! Velvet was very lucky at the show in Salzburg - he got CACIB and BOB from slowenian judge Mrs.M.Kavcic - in the afternoon competition he was placed 4th in the group.

Velvet Bohemia Horrido on shores of Attersee lake in Salzkammer, Austria

Velvet fullfilled all conditions for the title Interchampion C.I.B. . Victoria have to wait for next CACIB one whole year! Velvet was awarded another championships, this time it was austrian and german VDH champion. Our house was full of diplomas this autumn!
Evička did great in competition Junior Handling with Velvet: Salzburg 5th place in finale, Litoměřice 3rd place in finale, Tulln Bundessiegerschau 3rd place in finale - and this row was crowned by 2nd place in finale on in České Budějovice. Besides this competiton between juniors Velvet+Eva did well also in the ring among other Bassets - several club shows and international shows. During her stay in summer in dannish kennel Bobass Evička handled for Bobass, among others also their Wesh Corgi.

Junior handling České Budějovice

Junior handling Litoměřice

Right Eva handling Welsh Corgi Bobass Aqua - certifikate quality, Winner Puppy Class

AUSTRIAN CLUB SHOW - Left: Victoria Bohemia Horrido - CACA, judge S.Peter, D

GERMAN CLUB SHOW BHF 2006 - ex1, VDH Anw., r.CAC, res.Best male - judge S.PETER, D

Eva convinced us, that Victoria is excellent show dog! After home training she was showed on world show in Poznan, Poland. Fanda handled her to 2nd place in working class, judge B.Larska, PL. She won over 8 another bitches n this class and became one of most beautifull females in the world!

World Show Poznaň, working class (10 females entered): ex1, CWC Fantadrom Afrodite and ex2 Victoria Bohemia Horrido, judge: B.Larska, PL

In June Anne-Therese helped us to find a new home for Falcon - family of Tina and Ole Christensen. Their sons Marc and Philip will learn him to play socker.

Skin Deep's Jedburgh Falcon in his new home.

One bad news: In September Fanfan Bohemia Horrido went over rainbow bridge. We, and especially Hana, Jirka and Nikita (his owners) miss him. Nobody could belive, that these nice people and their Bassets will leave us next to each other within few next years... They were one of our best friends.

In December 2006 I decided to leave the board of Basset klub ČR. Certain members of board were un-fair to me, and the rest neither didnt know what was this about, or they agreed in silence with it. On second thoughts I found out I have no reason to share a table with none of these people. Either I could not share many times their points of view more and more last years. After 15 years of work on Basset-telegraf, bassetiáde and all documents for club and special shows (with help of Jana and Karel Čáp, our friends) I have sent the whole agenda to the presidents addres and expected, that my work will be followed immediatelly by another volunteer. But it is not easy to find somebody, who is willing to invest so much time in this kind of work.
Here is my conclusion, my experience after 15 years of active life within a club: At the beginning I expected, that dog breeding is a hobby of people with the same love to dogs, who will share their joy. After 15 years I have to say, that the first enemy appears, as soon as your dogs winns over theirs for the first time, and another and more enemies appear as soon as you have judged their dogs for the first time.

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