The year 2013 was big in many events. We used chilled semen for our fist time in breeding. Jazz was bred to french champion .... Ynes was bred to Switherland The Designer, whos chilled semen Eva brought from England. We got 2 litters - litter B of Braque d´Auvergne and litter C of Basset Hounds.The dams were used for their last time in breeding - the reason was age of Jazz, and bad luck during delivery for Ynes, as she allmost died for bleeding after caesarian - so she was saved by our vet from death. We stay very gratefull for services of both the vet clinic for atrificial inseminations, and for ceasarians. Thanks to prompt action of our vet - Ynes stayed alive!
We kept a boy Bollinger from the big litter of Braque d´Auvergne, and both Basset boys from Ynes last litter. Their names are Calvin Klein (called Kevin) and Captain Jack (called Cappy).
Basset Hound vrh C2

Auvergnéský ohař vrh B
Basset hound - litter C2 - sired by Switherland the Designer, born 9.5.2013

Basset Hound vrh C2

Auvergnéský ohař vrh B
Braque d'Auvergne - litter B - sired CIB Valdek du Ruisseau du Montbrun, born 27.4.2013
Little frenchies were showing very well their pointing gift since age of 9,5 weeks

In April Iva celebrated her big life-jublilee and we organised a big party. Iva got many nice presents, mostly very nice art of Bassets!

The same day, when a big litter of Braque d´Auvergne was born, our old Victoria celebrated her 10th birthday! In Canada Kassiopea Bohemia Horrido (owned by family Militky) celebrated her 15th birthday.

In summer boys Svatopluk and Timur Bohemia Horrido, both lived in Austria, went over rainbow bridge. Thanks for both families Kralicek and Hellenschuss for perfect life-care about them. They were great ambassadors in austrian club and we never forget them!

At the end of August we got nice news from Geneve, European Show: Blackjack Bohemia Horrido (owned and handled by Teresa Kvitkova) became "Swiss Champion". We are proud about them!
Basset Hound Black Jack Bohemia Horrido
Black Jack Bohemia Horrido (Ch.Wofferlow Border Patrol x MultiCh.Ynes Bohemia Horrido) - Swiss champion!

In fall our boys went to their first show: Kevin and Kaptain were at special show in puppy class - Kevin was winner.
Basset Hound Black Jack Bohemia Horrido
1st place Calvin Klein and 3rd place Captain Jack Bohemia Horrido

Also owners of our Braque d'Auvergne breeding were active! Puppies from litter B took a part at show in puppy and baby classes and only girl from our A litter - All That Jazz Bohemia Horrido passed TAN in 1st merit.

Auvergnéský ohař All That Jazz Bohemia Horrido
All That Jazz Bohemia Horrido - TAN 1st merit, HD A/A, Owner: Zdeňka Petříková, kennel Be Spotted

On ocassion of Nationals in St.Louis we travelled to USA ad took a big 3 weeks long journey.
We call it "The Great River Basset Hound Dog Tour" ans here are some photo- and video galleries: The Great River Basset Hound Dog Tour: HERE
BHCA Nationals 2013: HERE
Basset Packs in Action: HERE
National Field Trials 2013: HERE
National Field Trials 2013 - video: HERE

We visited not only the Nationals (big Basset Hound Club show), but also enjoyed one-day-ride on Harley Davidson on Route 66, and then in rented car followed the mighty Mississippi River down to Memphis, Delta and New Orleans on a track of nice music. We have drove 6 thousand kilometer on our way. We spent nice time on a chalet in Missouri with Beltine Bohemia Horrido and her owner Betsy Warner, who introduced Iva to several important "Basset people" at Nationals. We enjoyed many evenings together on a big terrace, making barbecue. Betsy cooked for us beef after old family receipt - brisket was great food!! We also celebrated Tinka´s 2nd birthday. She got a special birthday gift from Iva - a Harley Davidson cap!
Beltine Bohemia Horrido
Beltine Bohemia Horrido
Beltine Bohemia Horrido

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