excellent 1 CAC, Special Show Winner and BOB
(judge: M.Sosne, USA)
Bassethound special show, Lipnice nad Sázavou, 1999
Exc.2 at Club show in Germany
BHF club 2000 (judge: M.Walton, USA)

Borea, called Borinka, was born in a big balanced litter sired by Dino, dam was Giovanna Parmalat, breeder Jitka Hlídková in Lipnice nad Sázavou. It was a line breeding to common ancestors from danish breeding of kennels Olympos and Scheels, which carried american blood line Tal-E-Ho's.
Breeder Jitka kept Borea for further breeding, but because of family reasons she had to find a new home for her and she offered Borea to us. We accepted it - as we always liked Borea very much, mainly for her harmonic movement. Due to it she won the whole Special Basset show, where M.Sosne from America judged. I was very happy that in 2000 Borea became member of our pack, but she was adult and very self-confident female and did not fit in the pack just fine. Luckily the solution came when our frineds, family Pavlíček, were looking for a new Basset, which had to be very sporty. They agreed, that an adult female would be better for the whole day trips to the nature. Borinka moved to Jihlava, where they bred litter T, registered on our kennel. Borinka lived her satisfied life and left over the rainbow bridge in nearly 13 years of age.

Club show 1999, judge Mike Sosne from USA gave to Borea title CAC and BOB.

Borea in her late age.

Borea as a happy family member.

1999: form left Aicha Ignore, Judita Bohemia Horrido and Borea Coridwen with her breeder Jitka Hlídková.

Borea sitting.

February 2000, a new member in our pack.

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