CAC at club show 2002
2x r.CACIB, 3x r.CAC
r.CAC and 2× VDH Anwartschaft
at german club and special show in 2000
CACA at austrian club show

1 year

Judita was born in summer 1997, her dam was our Líza (Elisabeth Bohemia Horrido), sire was an english import Ch.Bassbarr Danilo. Our litter J was one of the first sired by Danilo, who brought an excellent movement to czech breeding. Especially drive of hinquarters and great temperament, which Judita was filled up the most of all her brothers and sisters.
She was not the biggest from the litter but she let us know about her every single moment. It was not a coincidence when an editor of my book came to our kennel to make pictures for a cover page - it was little Judita who made a posture together with her grand dad Atilla and brother Jasper and our little daughter Evicka, at that time 8 years old. It was Eva who designated this puppy as "hers" and then there were no doubts which of the girls from the litter stays with us.
We picked up the name Judita simply because of the white spot Dita had on her back, which reminded of a jewish star a bit.
She grew up side by side with girl Aicha and together they were fantastic duo. Although Aicha was in the beginning more successful at shows, Judita looked very well after her first puppies and since 2000 she had some nice show successes. In her first litter the very first bicolor in our kennel was born and in her last litter she delivered our star trio - Velvet, Viking, Victoria.
Although she was a small female, she became respected senior leader of "her" pack due to her personality. She went through a very serious health complication of cervic bone in age of 9 years. But her strong will kept her fine, surely supported by medication of natural cure "harpago", recommended by our austrian friends fam.Kralicek. She was fit until the rest of her life, she died in age of 12 years.

8 years

8 years

Birthday - 10 years

IDS München 2005 - The Best Breeding group - Judita and her kids Viking and Victoria.

Blackie Bohemia Horrido, Judita Bohemia Horrido, Dino Bohemia Horrido

Club Show 2002 - Exc.1 CAC, judge: M.Musial,PL

2000 - Winners of Junior Handling at the club show: Eva and Dita
Judita at castle Lipnice nad Sázavou

BHC - Club Show 2000 - VDH Anwartschaft, judge: P.Walton, USA

Judita became mother, summer 1999

from the left: Sirius af Marke Moelle, Judita Bohemia Horrido, Aicha Ignore

Judita Bohemia Horrido and Aicha Ignore

Judita Bohemia Horrido and Aicha Ignore and our kids Honza and Eva

IDS Mladá Boleslav 1998 - Excellent 2nd, judge: P.Sanders, Netherland


Dino and Judita Bohemia Horrido, parents of litter "N" and "R"

9 months

Judita in the middle of our pack in 1997

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