On the first show of this year, DUO CACIB in Brno, Ynes Bohemia Horrido was entered for her fist time in junior class and the next day she got CAJC under belgian judge Mrs.D.Latin-Letroye and in the afternoon in competition of Best Juniors she was awrded Best Junior of Group 6 (judge Mr.M.Václavík,CZ). She was one of the best 10 Juniors of the day.

YNES BOHEMIA HORRIDO - V1 CAJC, Junior BOB and Junior Best in Group

Twoo days later our Zofia had delivery: 4 beutifull tricolor puppies – 2 boys and 2 girls.
The sire was again our Multichampion Velvet Bohemia Horrido.

LITTER A - Andromeda, Artemis, Armani, Al Capone

Armani Bohemia Horrido (aged 10 weeks) - owner Z.Pavlíček, Jihlava

Al Capone Bohemia Horrido (aged 10 weeks) - owned by B.Mangelsdorf, Australia, kennel Yarramba

Andromeda Bohemia Horrido (aged 7 weeks) - owned by Mrs.Pia Olsen, Sweden, kennel Akeros

Artemis Bohemia Horrido (aged 7 weeks) - owned by J.Trupl, kennel od Rybníka Stráž

Ynes succeeded also abroad: in February at in Graz, Austria, she got Jugendbester from austrian judge Mrs.H.Ahrens, and also later she won Rassenbester - and for her first time Ynes won over 13 Bassets of resounding names from all other classes, including Champion class from home land, Hungary and Czech Republic. She addded also 3rd place in JUnior in Group 6 and 5th place between BOB Hounds (judge S.Jarmer, A).
Ynes had another similar succes at the in Salzburg (A) in May: Jugendbester (judge Mrs.M.Kavčič, Slowenia) and 2nd best Junior in Group 6 (judge Mr. Igor Selimovič, Serbia)!


Jazz got on all of these shows another CACIBs and mostly also BOBs – Duo Brno, Graz, Maribor, Salzburg, where the judge Mr.Iuza Beradze, Georgia, placed Jazz 4th in Group. She made her biggest triumph of the show season at the club show in May, where she won another CAC, Club Winner and Best of Breed in concurrence of another Braques d´Auvergne, became Best in Show in the afternoon among another french and italian pointing dogs under the judge Mr.M.Václavík, CZ!!


On occassion of judging of swedish judge Paula Sunebring in our country, Iva nad her colleagues from Hound Club organized a seminar about the breed stamdard in April 2010. The seminar was focused on changes in breed standard made in the land of origin, Grear Britain. Paula Sunebring explained her opinion, and introduced lot of interesting materials, which she extended to the club for further distribution. The club managed to have a professional DVD live record from the seminar, that was immediatelly offered to many colleagues from all around the world. Thank to Paula for her time and knowledge, which she shared with us.
The DVD record was given for free to all certificated judges in our country.

Ynes won both on club shows in Czech Republic and Poland, and was awarded Best Junior of the Shows. (judges J.Dostál,CZ, ing.L.Jančík, CZ,, F.Čajkovskaja, RUS). She fullfilled by that all conditions for the title „Czech Junior Champion“.
She added another two CAJC in Slowakia on Duo Bratislava, where she got even BOBs in both days (judges M.Uroševič, SE, and D.Skok, CR). by this she got also Crufts 2011 nomination. We have really entered this show in 20111.

Goluchow 2010 (Polish club show) Ynes Bohemia Horrido - BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR, judge F.Čajkovskaja, RUS.
Pitty the show next day was cancelled due to the tragedy of aircraft acccident with polish president and his staff in Russia.

Club show in Otradice 2010: Eva and Velvet Bohemia Horrido (in the back) and his offsprings
from left: Al Capone, Ynes and Armani with his master Annie.

At the end of May our Fiesta gave birth of her first live puppy. Unfortunatelly it didnt survived its first days - and we stay with question, if the reason was, that the puppy was not OK or if Fiesta is one of few Basset bitches, who are not good mothers?…

Ynes was showed in open class first at the international show Intercanis in Brno in June. Results were CAC, res.CACIB (judge L.Frnčová, CZ). Ynes was not lucky at shows in summer anymore. Fals pregnancy played its role in her bad result of world show in Herining, DK, as well as on both shows in duo Bratislava in August.
Jazz got World Winner and BOB in Herning (judge H.Kliebenstein, D). Eva helped in handling of young Bloodhound bitch Fleur of Mr. P.Podávka - Eva and Fleur did it: they won World Junior Winner. Eva also excelled in handling Basset Hound bitch Catherine Bohemia Gorgony of our friends Jana and Karel Čáp. Catherine as well as her brother Cyril Bohemia Gorgony placed 2nd in their classes. Ynes was the only won looser at the world show, otherwise the whole expedition „Viking Tour 2010“ was very succesfull.

Jazz od Smutné říčky - excellent representative of her breed at the world show 2010

Bellefleur v. Bockxgrave and Catherine Bohemia Gorgony

VIKING EXPEDITION 2010 - together with family Čáp and Miss M.Šrámková.

Jazz was trained in the summer for CACIT exam under trainer Mr. M.Horáček in south of Moravia. After two months of training Jazz was sucessfull on international trials, called the Memorial of Mr.Josef Lux, which it is highest trial of Brittany Club CZ. Here Jazz got I. price and 216 points, what took her 5th. placement in general in concurrence of 20 another pointing dogs. We have to thank to Mr.M.Horáček, who trained our Jazz very well and brought her to this success.

Braque d´Auvergne on top club event - The Memorial of Josef Lux

home page of Mr.Horáček- HORYS LOV

The first weekend in September we have celebrated 20th aniversary of Basset club CZ. Iva belongs to founders of this club - it was in years 1990-91. Today Iva is one of few, who are still active in breeding. It was more than symbolic, that the judge was the lady, who iniciated the founding of the club 20 years ago - Mrs.Věra Dvořáková, a head of stud book and secretary of union ČMKJ.
It was exciting to see, that Ynes got from her the title "Best Bitch", being the result of our 20 years long breeding. We have to thank the judge and also to the handler Eva, who is, after returning from her summer stay in Denmark - kennel Bobass, preparing our dogs to next shows.

Ynes Bohemia Horrido - Best Bitch at Special Basset Show, judge: Mrs.Věra Dvořáková, CZ

Since July Ynes was accompanied by her little brother Al Capone Bohemia Horrido, who was enteres to puppy class – almost allways "very promissing 2nd". Also his sister Artemis (owner Ing. J.Trupl) and his brother Armani (owner family Pavlíček) were showed for their first time and got their first experience in the show ring.
The international show in Tulln, Austria, was one weekend before the european show in Celje - Slowenia.
Ynes got CACA in Tulln and became Austrian Junior Champion, and also res.CACIB from austrian judge Mrs.Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner. Jazz got another CACIB and BOB in Tulln, and was placed 2nd in Group under the judge S.Sinko, SLO.

Tulln 2010: Jazz od Smutné říčky - reserve BEST IN GROUP, judge: S.Sinko, SLO

Our journey to Slowenia was quite succesfull:
Al Capone Bohemia Horrido – very promissing 2nd in concurrence of 5 exhibits. Ynes Bohemia Horrido – excellent 1st, CAC in intermediate class. Basset Hound were judged by german judge Mr. H.Kliebenstein. Our Jazz was judged by portugese judge Mr.R.Oliviera. Result? Jazz od Smutné říčky – excellent 1st, CAC, CACIB a European Winner. Next day on a special show another CAC and BOB, finale of BIS (judge Steiner,A). During this weekend Jazz fullfilled all conditons for the title "Slovenian Champion".

European Show in Celje, Slowenia: Al Capone - very promissing 2nd place, judge: H.Kliebenstein

European Show in Celje, Slowenia: Ynes - CAC, judge: H.Kliebenstein, D

European Show in Celje, Slowenia: Jazz - CAC, CACIB, European Winner / judge: Rui Oliviera, Portugal

Last show of this succesfull year was international show in České Budějovice. Bassets were judged by MVDr. V.Piskay from Slovakia. Ynes got CAC and her first CACIB. Jazz ended her show season by winning another CACIBs a BOBs - in Č.Budějovice and polish Poznan, double winner in Zagreb. Croatia, by which she fullfilled all conditions for the title Croatian Champion.

České Budějovice 2010 - Ynes : CAC, CACIB / judge: V.Piskay, SK

2xCACIB Zagreb - Jazz became during this weekend Croatian Champion. In the concurrence of 4 Braque d´Auvergne she won both days Best of Breed (judge: Mrs.M. Wieremejczyk-Wierchowska and Mr.S.Šalković)

We got news from Costa Rica: Yahoo Bohemia Horrido is the first Basset Hound who was awarded by the title "Junior Champion of Costa Rica". Further more she received another title "Panamerican Champion".

Costa Rica Junior Champion and Panamerican Champion Yahoo Bohemia Horrido, owned by Mr.Erick Reyes, Costa Rica

This was very encouraging for planned export of youngster Al Capone Bohemia Horrido to Austalia, which was realized at the end of November. Cappy was exported to refresh blood in the kennel "Yarramba" of Mr.B.Mangelsdorf and his mother.

Al Capone Bohemia Horrido, export Australia - on the picture aged 7 months- with his new owner Bryan Mangelsdorf in September 2010, when he was for a short visit here.

It was exactly in time, when a report about the breed written by Iva was published in the traditional magazine about dogs in our country, named „Pes přítel člověka“ . Cappy was a cover page face! If anybody is interested in a copy, dont hesitate to ask us.

Aicha and Borea went over the rainbow bridge.

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